[It is in the mind, that practices compassion, (cultivating a kind, warm heart/ mind)].

Q: Do you have any advice about how to move with compassionate action? Even when I have a strong feeling of compassion, I still sometimes don’t know what to do with it?

A: You don’t need to ‘project’ compassion “in action”. If you have to, if you find any sort of sensation that “I need to, put my compassion in action!” then that means that you didn’t have enough time to practice compassion itself. Because there is a difference between practicing compassion, and compassion in action.

What we need as a Buddhist practitioner, is we need to practice compassion. We need to visualise compassion, we need to visualise sentient beings, we need to visualise the six realms, we need to visualise Avalokiteshvara [Chenrezig], we need to visualise all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, read their teachings, read their practice, and reflect on that compassion, the way they have done it, throughout their lifetimes.

Like, try to mimic that, try to see that as inspiration, as an example and try to move towards that direction. Maybe not on the big scale of how, and what they have done, but try to go in that direction right?

So, compassion in action is supposed to happen naturally. If you have the sensation of an obligation “to be compassionate” that means you still have a strong self-attachment, you know.

~ Kalu Rinpoche

(Posted by Devotees of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, Facebook, 14 April 2024)


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