What is happening in the world? Everybody is fighting somebody. One man feels less than another and struggles to get to the top. There is no love, there is no consideration, there is no deep thought. Our society is a constant battle of man against man. This struggle is born of the ambition to become somebody, and older people encourage you to be ambitious. They want you to amount to something, to marry well, to have influential friends. Being frightened, ugly in their hearts, they try to make you like themselves, and you in turn want to be like them because you see the glamour of it all. When a politician comes, people bow, give garlands and make speeches. He loves it, and you love it too. You feel honoured to know him, and you bask in the sunshine of his ambition and achievements. So you are easily caught in the ugly web of the older generation, in the pattern of this monstrous society. If you are very alert, constantly watchful, if you are not afraid and do not accept, but question all the time, only then will you not be caught, but go beyond and create a different world.

– J Krishnamurti

From the book Life Ahead

(Posted by krishnamurtifoundationtrust, Instagram, 14 March 2024)


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