From time immemorial we have been addicted to the self.
It is how we identify ourselves.
It is what we love most dearly.
It is also what we hate most fiercely at times.
Its existence is also the thing that we work hardest to try to validate.
Almost everything that we do or think or have, including our spiritual path, is a means to confirm its existence.
It is the self that fears failure and longs for success, fears hell and longs for heaven.
The self loathes suffering and loves the causes of suffering.
It stupidly wages war in the name of peace.
It wishes for enlightenment but detests the path to enlightenment.
It wishes to work as a socialist but lives as a capitalist.
When the self feels lonely, it desires friendship.
Its possessiveness of those it loves manifests in passion that can lead to aggression. Its supposed enemies – are often corrupted and recruited as the self’s ally.
Its skills in playing the game of deception is nearly perfect.
It weaves a cocoon around itself like a silkworm; but unlike a silkworm, it doesn’t know how to find the way out.

~ Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

(Posted by Friends who like DJKR, a living Buddha in our Time, Facebook, 27 January 2024)


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