The Dharma has never been more accessible to the common people than it is today, or those who are not necessarily serious monks, nuns, and yogis, which I think is very good. Buddha’s teachings have been able to come into being, merged with a sort of a community of people who are not the stereotypical religious people, which I think is wonderful.

At the same time, the Dharma being so accessible can have downsides. I don’t know how many will be able to realize the preciousness of the Buddha’s teachings when we access it so easily. Of course, alongside with it, teachers and students will probably develop very skillful ways of communicating the preciousness of it.

What I see is that because teachings are so easily accessible, the tendency to treasure it and the kind of diligence it requires is waning. Also, I feel that the edges are still quite blunt. The real sharpness of wisdom that needs to come, that has the power of cutting through, is yet to be seen. What I do aspire and hope to see is that we don’t get lost in the “corporate-ness” of it all.

– Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

(Posted by vajra_wisdom, Instagram, 20 February 2024)


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