We should regard everything that we do as very important – not a big deal, but very important. [Developing mindfulness awareness of the laws governing our inner being]. Whatever we do is a sacred action. Sacred action is not necessarily something magical or god-ridden. It is the possibility that whatever we do could be shamatha-vipashyana-ridden, (ridden with mindfulness and awareness). There is always room for precision [inner precision of awareness]. There are always vipashyana possibilities, possibilities of awareness, in whatever we do. Nothing is regarded as unsuitable, which is very helpful.

So please pay attention to everything [cultivation of inner awareness]. When we don’t let hope and fear, liking or disliking, come into the picture; when we actually taste the bread and butter in our mouth; when we don’t let passion and aggression enter into it; at that point, we have the perfect opportunity for realizing awareness. Then, eating a good piece of bread with nice butter on it does not produce any karmic seeds or debts. That is how, even at this level, we can actually reduce samsaric, confused possibilities, and free ourselves from future karmic possibilities.

~ Chogyam Trungpa

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