Beyond concepts

When the notions of real and unreal are absent from the mind, there is no other possibility, but to rest in total peace, beyond concepts.

In this there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor the slightest thing to be added.
It is looking perfectly into reality itself,
And when reality is seen, complete liberation.

Mind is not to be found within. Nor does it exist outside. And it can not be observed anywhere else.

Mind has no shape, no color and no location. It is like space.

Ordinary beings, Realised (Arya) beings, and Enlightened beings

Ordinary beings, regard appearances as inherently existent, then confuse the conditioned names for these appearances, as the appearances themselves.

Ordinary beings then perceive these illusions with craving, aversion and indifference – this is known as grasping at existence. This is deceptive and called the incorrect relative: this is the basis of all suffering in its entirety.

Realized (Arya) beings, regard appearances as deceptive and are perceived without any grasping. This is called the correct relative, otherwise known as the correct relationship to deceptive reality and is subsequently marked by egolessness and the loss of destructive emotions and increase in equanimity, love, compassion and joy.

Enlightened beings no longer experience ordinary appearances or non-appearances whatsoever, and any concerns about grasping or non-grasping no longer applies. This is called the absolute.


Conceptualization is involvement with the realms of existence, but non-conceptualization is not associated with any of them at all.

When no activity whatsoever is performed,
That is what is called ‘yogic action’.

Therefore, sustaining the ordinary mind, free from appearances is the supreme teaching.

What is the supreme teaching?

It is the absence of any subject or object conceptualization.

Since no awakening can be observed, ‘awakening’ is just a name. Since no Enlightenment can be observed, it too is but a name.

The realization that there is nothing in the space-like natural condition of all phenomena which could be the object of consciousness or wisdom is the view.

Remaining with that recognition – in the manner of ‘non-remaining’ – is the meditation.

In post-meditation, to gather the illusory accumulation of merit and wisdom for the sake of illusory sentient beings is the action.

The dissolution of mind’s illusory perceptions within basic space is the ultimate fruition.

The basic space of phenomena

The basic space of phenomena is beyond conceptual elaboration and inexpressible by speech or thought. 

In this, there is not the knowing of some object to be known.

Yet still, there is said to be the practice of view and meditation,

Like space viewing space, or sky meditating on itself.

In genuine reality, there is no mind and there are no appearances.

But saying “no” indicates that even the dichotomy of existence and non-existence is transcended.

It is said that not fearing the profound meaning of emptiness but feeling inspired by it, is the sign of a fortunate being who has heard and trained in the teachings before and is destined to swiftly reach awakening.

Reality itself

Reality itself, sky-like basic space, free from any thought.
When it is realized in a state of primal wisdom beyond expression,
is fundamental equality, free from speculation or deliberate activity. 

This is the wisdom mind of the Enlightened Ones.

The absolute, the nature of reality itself, is like the beautiful child of a barren woman,
Nothing can manifest or appear; it is simply a state of the most fundamental beautiful ordinariness.

Taking the wisdom mind of the Enlightened Ones into experience

To experience the conditioned phenomena of the relative and deceptive, the magical appearance of unity, 

Without accepting or rejecting them and without attachment,

is to take the wisdom mind of the Enlightened Ones into experience.

Until you reach this level of mental mastery and attainment,
Renounce any attachment to material possessions,
And keep to isolated forests and retreats, like a wild deer.
This is how to remain on the path without ever falling back.

Remain without joy or sorrow, attachment or aversion and so on,

Towards all circumstances, outer and inner, favorable and unfavorable,

And every experience will assist you greatly on your path. 

Great non-abiding primal wisdom

This is how to find stable realization into the unborn nature of phenomena.

When the wisdom of realizing the sky-like nature of mind.

And the compassion of not forsaking illusory sentient beings.

Are brought together in concomitant view and activity,

Great non-abiding primal wisdom will swiftly be attained.

Machik Labdron said:

When nothing whatsoever is conceptualized,
How could you possibly go astray?
Annihilate your conceptions. And rest.

‘Since mind is not a duality,
Look, as if there is nothing to be looked at.
This mind of ours is not seen by any ‘looking’.
Mind’s very nature is not realized by being ‘seen’.

In fact, there is not the tiniest fraction
Of something to be looked at’.

‘The nature of mind, empty and clear and beyond conceptual focus, is the genuine fundamental condition.

Since this pure awareness, free from conceptual constructs and impossible to pinpoint, arises unceasingly as the illusory appearances that are its basic expression, we must put all our trust in this state beyond clinging, this state in which there is no separation between meditation and post-meditation, and in which clarity and emptiness are a unity, and take it to heart through practice’.

~ Patrul Rinpoche

(Posted by Friends who like DJKR a Living Buddha of our time/ Michael Gregory, Facebook, 16 March 2024)


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