Oh bodhisattva mahasattva!
As I prostrate at your lotus feet,
I offer everything I can name and understand,
And all my mind’s conjurings,
As well as everything that exists, inconceivable and undreamed of,
Throughout immeasurable space.
To you, who are the very essence of space,
I offer praise.
Bless this cyber-space with comfort, bliss and enlightenment –
May it be of benefit to myself and others.
Unburden our misgivings;
Purify all that sullies and despoils us,
And the profligate displays,
That throng and colour this space.

~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

As we increasingly and inescapably live in a virtual world, this New Year, we offer you this prayer composed by Rinpoche in 2012 for all your trips into cyberspace. May they be filled with bodhicitta!

(Posted by DJKR’s Magical Net/ Siddhartha’s Intent, Facebook, 11 February 2024)


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