When one has the cause for higher rebirth, which is discipline and nothing else, and it is accompanied by an infinitely vast store of positive actions, and these are linked by pure prayers of aspiration, one will obtain the freedoms and advantages. But to accumulate so much merit is rare. As Shantideva says,

And yet the way I act is such
That I shall not regain a human life!
And losing this, my precious human form,
My evils will be many, virtues none.
Here is now my chance, for wholesome deeds,
But if I fail to practice virtue,
What will be my lot, what shall I do,
Bewildered by the sorrows of the lower realms?

~ Dudjom Rinpoche

A Torch Lighting the Way to Freedom

(Posted by Friends who like DJKR, a living Buddha In Our Time, Facebook, 6 February 2024)


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