Perhaps you do not trust this, but you are perfect as you are, you will not fall apart if you let it all go, the opposite is true and here is exactly what you’ll find:

There is only being when you stop becoming, and here is what that means in everyday language:

You will lose your anger when you stop demanding that reality be different than it is.

You will lose your anxiety if you will accept that you can stand your future, no matter what it may be.

You will lose the hopelessness when you accept that your fundamental needs are met.

You will lose the shame, when you find your worth.

You will only love others unconditionally, when you love yourself without condition.

You will discover wisdom when you stop seeking.

You will know nurturing when you stop caretaking, and you will know compassion when you stop enabling.

You will no longer feel abandoned when you stop clinging.

You will discover yourself when you stop running.

You will find deeper joy when you stop playing the jester.

You will know natural artistry when you stop creating

You will discover true sovereignty when you stop ruling

You will come to know responsibility when you stop the innocence.

You will find heartfelt connection when you stop seducing

You will rest only when you stop working. You cannot stop working by working.

You will find poverty by craving for more, and you will discover abundance when you stop grasping.

You will discover non-attachment through generosity.

You will remain a coward to yourself while you are at war with others.

You will find inferiority behind the claims of superiority.

You will find your nature when you stop rebelling

You will understand the lesson by teaching, you will understand the meaning only by experiencing.

You will discover elegance when you stop flaunting.

You will know interdependence if you walk without a trace, you will know ego if you try and leave your mark or legacy.

You will know the illusion when you stop fabricating.

You will know liberation when you accept suffering.

You will find what is truly extraordinary only in the ordinary.

You will know the nature of form by knowing the formless.

You will know the nature of formless by knowing form.

You will know existence by knowing non-existence and you will realize that reality is between the two.

You will the know the nature of the effect when you know the nature of the cause.

When you can’t find the beginning, that is the end – there is no destination and when there is no traveler, there is no journey. All is present.

You will find Presence when there is neither repression nor expression, neither grasping nor fixation.

When you look for the self that is present, only subjectivity is experienced, but no subject.

When that subjectivity looks for what is conscious, only awareness is, and in that suchness, there is no suffering, only freedom.

In Loving Presence


(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 23 May 2024)


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