Community Unity for End War!

The Community Rally for End War (THEHEARTCREW)

Collective Projects & Initiatives

Here are some of our initial initiatives. We love to hear about yours too! The more the merrier!

(See below starting the freedom wave across the globe, and projects events schedule throughout the year!



We can show our solidarity by wearing a t-shirt!

(Designs coming soon, or make your own).

your logo (on the front).
“End War” (on the back).

*For individuals, groups and companies to purchase. Let’s have a united front.

The true gift to planet earth… to be on the road to ending war!

All proceeds to go to helping communities affected by war recover.

No-one benefits from war. It’s horrific. Only peace, begets peace.

As we rid our world of negativity and hate, it recovers.

CALM Technological Devices (sound devices)

Providing sound devices which emit continuous sound wave frequencies, placed in situ, to calm troubled areas.

Spreading Benefit through Altruism

Our Responsibility: Increase of “good vibrations” amongst us all. Cultivating altruistic motivation (intention) and actions. Leaders of ourselves in the right direction, not overcome by the negativity, thinking/ feelings. Sharing this practice with others. Good feeling arising from exercising the right understanding, and compassion in our minds.