Buddha’s Vision: How the simplicity of the buddhist view can help us thrive in a complex and uncertain future

In Buddha’s vision, there is something called mind, and this mind wants to be happy and to avoid pain. Happiness can be gained by thinking about the past and planning for the future, but we risk getting entangled in all sorts of false stories while real benefit comes from being in the present moment, focusing on what we have. In fact, nothing can make us completely happy, not material things nor values and beliefs. Buddha also views appearances as deceptive. What we see, hear and taste is just our perception and whatever we are experiencing is a projection coming from our disorderly mind. This is what Buddha calls wisdom, which must be united with compassion to create genuine benefit for our world.

The recording of this teaching is now edited and available with translations in Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese at:

🌐 https://siddharthasintent.org/recordings/buddhas-vision/ (link in bio)

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